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Wellness Center

There is a secret to remaining happy and independent while aging – social engagement. While you do not have control over your aging, you do have a say in how you live your life. MSHL is proud to empower healthy aging and enhance your quality of life through our Wellness Center. People who maintain an active and independent lifestyle gain benefits that boost their physical health, emotional well-being, and their ability to remain independent for longer.

“Spring has sprung,the grass is riz; wonder where the flowers is?” -- Unknown

May is known as a month of transition. May is a time of change no matter where in the world you are. Perhaps it is one of the most beautiful months of the year for change with the rebirth of nature at every turn. What a perfect month to celebrate another one of our wellness dimensions—Environmental Wellness.

Environmental Wellness is the way you feel about, respect, and protect the world around you. It is how you interact with nature. Environmental wellness is a process that involves learning about and contributing to the health of the world around you.

In this month’s newsletter, we have two exciting presentations that speak to Environmental Wellness. We are beginning with a new biology series starting with “A Virtual Walk Through Draper-Houston Meadows Preserve.” (p2). John Farmer, biologist and Milanite, will lead us with slides and conversation through one on Milan’s most beautiful preserves. Consider coming to “Coffee With a Solar Farmer” (p3) and hear about solar energy and sustainability with APEX Clean Energy. Both programs promise to be exciting and informative.

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In-Person Programs


Monday, December 5th, 12th and 19th

It’s Ugly Sweater Mondays here at MSHL! Pull out your ugly Christmas sweaters, t-shirts and hats and wear them each Monday in December. Get into the holiday spirit by sharing some laughs and stories that go along with your winter wear. Don’t be afraid to stand out!

Call us at 734 508 6229 or visit our office.


Thursday, December 1st @1:00pm

Kick off the holiday season by joining us for Christmas trivia in the library. Brush up on holiday traditions, movies, carols and other seasonal fun facts and amaze everyone with your knowledge of all things Christmas. Let us know you are coming by registering at the office.

Call us at 734 508 6229 or visit our office.


Monday, December 12th @12:30pm

Hosted by MaryAnn Opal

How fortunate we are to have not only an active senior center surrounded by beautiful views, but a fireplace as well! Come sit by the fire and share Christmas memories both meaningful and joyful. Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate as you reminisce with others. And don’t forget—this is a Monday so you can wear your ugly sweater! You can also see if you can find our little Elf on the Shelf hiding out somewhere amongst all the December activities.

Call us at 734 508 6229 or visit our office.


Tuesday, December 20th @12:15pm

(MaryAnn Opal’s Sister-in-Law)

Join Amy in song and guitar to sing some of your favorite holiday songs and melodies. You don’t have to have a perfect voice, just a lot of Christmas spirit. Let’s fill the center with beautiful holiday sounds of the season!

Call us at 734 508 6229 or visit our office.


This Elf on the Shelf will be here at MSHL every day during December hiding (in plain sight) for you to find. Have fun exploring the building each time you are here to search for this little fella. Be sharp, however, because he is going to be very clever!

Call us at 734 508 6229 or visit our office.


Thursday, December 1st @11:45am

Sponsored by Dr. Eduardo and Glenda Enriques

Come celebrate the holidays with us as Dr. Eduardo Enriques has graciously agreed to sponsor our holiday lunch. He is going to personally cook an Italian Holiday Feast for us. (He has won awards for his chef skills!) This special holiday meal is for members only, is complimentary, and is limited to the frst 75 members that register. We look forward to celebratng the Holiday Season with you! Contact MSHL ofce to sign up.

Call us at 734 508 6229 or visit our office.


Wednesday, December 7th @12:00 noon

Hosted by Jolie Choe

Register by December 6th

Jolie is very passionate about painting and leads you step-by- step with detail and patience as she guides you in creating your own masterpiece in a relaxing, creative atmosphere. This month is appropriately a Christmas tree work of art.

Call us at 734 508 6229 or visit our office.


Thursday, December 8th @10am

Hosted by Sharon Early

Register by December 7th

Use ribbon, gauze, netting, buttons, bulbs, etc., to make your own one-of-a-kind decorative angel or two. Ready—Set—Create!

Call us at 734 508 6229 or visit our office.

Ongoing Programs

Spanish Club

Mondays @11am (5 weeks)
October 24—November 14th

Hosted by Eunice Pizarro

This group fosters interest in the Hispanic culture and provides the opportunity to speak Spanish in an informal setting. If you ever wanted to learn a new language and dabble in its culture with music, food and dance, look no further. Eunice is a native Spanish speaker who teaches both English and Spanish as a second language. She leads and inspires our Spanish Club with vibrant and positive energy. Join Eunice as she leads you through exciting and engaging activities to promote learning the Spanish language. While the goal is on learning, the emphasis is on FUN! Come be a part of our Spanish Club—Si? Newcomers are welcome!


Every Tuesday from 9—11am
Hosted by Gary Bourdeau

This is one of our biggest groups yet! A casual place for men only.
Come “shoot the breeze”, solve the world’s problems, or simply enjoy the comradery of this great group of men.

Caregiver Support

Second Tuesday of the Month

Presented by Huron Valley PACE

Marketing Director, Lindsay Mann-Shanahan, MHA
While you are welcome to come and go as your schedule allows, we ask you register in advance to help us be prepared.

To register, call us at 734 508 6229 or visit our office.


Every Wednesday @11:00am

Hosted by Cindy Swope

We gals can chat about whatever we like and steer the future of the group in whatever direction the wind fills our sails. Ladies, let’s connect and have some fun! Newcomers welcome!


Wednesdays @1:30pm

December 7th & 14th

Part of senior health is working to keep your brain healthy, active and sharp – just as you would exercise your body to keep it strong. This month come flex your brain muscles with games on paper. A variety of puzzles and games will be provided, and you can solve them individually or altogether. There is no leader—just the collective brain-power of the group. Stop in and stretch your brain!

Quilting B's

Every Thursday at 10:00 am

This month, the project will be hand-stitched baby quilts. If you would enjoy a morning of stitching and friendly conversation, check this group out!

No registration necessary.

Grief Support Group

First Thursdays at 10:30 am

Presented by Ann Gerlach of Cabby’s Ladder

Support groups normalize the grief process. During periods of intense grief, it’s okay to feel a wide array of emotions. A grief support group will help guide you towards living life again. Ann will support you through the grieving process, as you walk towards healing and rebuilding your life within this “new normal”.


Tuesdays @1:30pm

Hosted by MaryAnn Opal
Please register with the office.

The holidays are a time of love and celebration with those dearest to our hearts, but these moments can also bring up plenty of stress and emotional turmoil. The demands of party- going, gift buying, baking, cleaning, healthy eating, and entertaining, are a recipe for heightened levels of stress. Meditation is a great tool for managing one’s stress levels. I invite you to practice meditation, especially during the holiday season.


Mondays from 10:00—12:00 noon
Hosted by Dr. Linda Moaucheupao,
Licensed Acupuncturist

Promote your health and well-being through
acupuncture. Experience this community-style
treatment as Linda treats a wide range of health
concerns from migraines, arthrits, anxiety,
depression, insomnia, digestve problems,
respiratory issues to allergies and much more.
Pre-Register and take advantage
of this great opportunity!
Cost: $20 per treatment for


Wednesday, December 14th @12:30pm

Hosted by Pastor John White

Retired pastor John White is known not only for
his pie-making skills, but for his vast knowledge
of theology and his deep spirituality.
For this month: “Christmas Memories— 
Christmas Meaning
featuring Chocolate Pecan, Strawberry Rhubarb
and Mincement pies!


Monday, November 14th @11:00am
Hosted by Bety Chafee, Pharm D

Register by November 11th!

Bety will be on hand to answer your questons
about prescripton and nonprescripton medicines, vitamins, and dietary supplements. Any
queston is fair game – if you’re wondering,
someone else probably is too!


Third Wednesday of the Month
December 21st @1:00pm
Hosted by Mayor Ed Kolar or Council Member

Ed Kolar is a mover and shaker in Milan! Join him or one
of his council members as they share his vision for Milan
and address your questions, comments, or concerns.

Fitness Pass - For Exercise Programs

Mix and match your favorite exercise classes marking off a
square for each class you attend. When your card is used up,
buy another. Each Fitness Pass is good for 20 classes.

What a bargain!


Mondays @10
Plymouth Physical Therapy

Come workout every Monday morning as Plymouth Physical Therapy guides you through a full-body workout from warm ups,
to free weights, to stretches.


Tuesdays @10
Instructor: Beverly Robinson

This classes is predominantly a seated class with an emphasis on upper and lower body strength. Stretches and balances are sprinkled throughout for a complete workout in


Thursdays @10
Instructor: Beverly Robinson

This one-hour exercise class is designed to challenge the mature adult of any fitness level, maintain abilities to perform day-to-day activities through low-impact cardio, strength conditioning, and stretching movements, with balance exercises sprinkled throughout.

Chair Yoga

Mondays & Wednesdays @2pm
Instructor: Janae LeBar

Yoga targets muscle strength, softness, and flexibility. It can encourage the body, mind and spirit to remain healthy and strong.
What are some benefits of participating in yoga?

• Helps ease symptoms of arthritis
• Improves balance, strength, and flexibility
• Helps manage and relieve stress
• Boosts energy levels and brightens your mood
• Helps ease back pain
• Improves your heart health
• Relieves anxiety and depression
• Helps you maintain a healthy metabolism

Experience some of these benefits for yourself and sign up for the class today!


Mondays & Wednesdays @1:15
Instructor: Janae LeBar

Yoga targets muscle strength, softness, and flexibility. It can encourage the body, mind
and spirit to remain healthy and strong. This series will introduce you to basic poses, 
postures and breath that will be the building blocks to take you to that next level.


Mondays @ 10:30am
Instructors: Physical Therapy

Come workout every Monday morning as Plymouth Physical Therapy guides you through a fullbody workout from warm ups, to free weights, to stretches. 


Instructors: Beverly Robinson

This one-hour exercise class is designed to challenge the mature adult of any fitness level, maintain abilities to perform day-to-day activities through low-impact cardio, strength conditioning, and stretching movements, with balance exercises sprinkled throughout.

Member's Exercise Room

The Exercise Room is open! Members can use the exercise room with a medical release form on file. We have treadmills, elliptical, recumbent bike and free weights. For your safety there are additional hygiene protocols so be sure to check! Thank you!


(New name—same great workout!)
Mondays @10
Plymouth Physical Therapy

Come workout every Monday morning with Plymouth Physical Therapy. Let the profes- sionals guide you through a full-body workout from warm ups, to free weights, to stretches.


(New name—same great workout!)
Tuesdays @10
Instructor: Beverly Robinson

This class is predominantly a seated class with an emphasis on upper and lower body strength with weights. Range of motion, stretches and balances make for a complete workout in just one hour.

Fun & Food

Birthday Celebration

Thursday December 8th @11:15am

Please join us to honor these individuals!

December Birthdays

Thanks to a donation from Mullins Auto, all MSHL members whose birthday is in August will receive a complimentary lunch.

If you are a member whose birthdate is in August and your name is not listed, please call the office


Do some spring cleaning and donate your gently used items for our rummage sale! Items may be dropped off the second week in July. Then come shop on the day of our birthday celebration and find some treasure you can’t live without!

Eat Well! Live Healthy!

Eating a well-balanced diet is an important part
of wellness as you age. It can help you maintain a
healthy weight, stay energized, get the nutrients
you need, and lower your risk of developing
chronic health conditions.

Reserve your meal 48 hrs. in advance by calling 734-508-6229 

Menus available at the office or on our nutrition page.

Senior Café

Tuesday and Thursday @11:45 am For a suggested donation of $3 per meal you may have a delicious, nutritious lunch, and enjoy some of the best company in town! (Younger than 60 requires a $5.50 charge per meal)

Meals on Wheels

Monday thru Friday Meals on Wheels is specially designed to come alongside those who are homebound. Registration is simple, can be done over the phone and can be implemented within 48 hours of registration.

Check our nutrition page or give us a call for additional in-formation

Call MSHL to reserve your meal



Thursday, December 15th @11:15am

Join us for Holiday Bingo (See p10)
just before lunchtime! Register ahead of time
so we know how many meals to order.

Support Services


By MSHL Monday—Friday, 7:30am – 3pm

For those 60+, living in the 48160 zip code.
We can take you up to 20 miles outside of Milan.
Visit our website for additional information or
call us for a brochure.

Resource Advocacy

By Diane London By Appointment

Diane is a retired RN and brings her passion for help-ing people and sharing her resource advocacy skills in several of our newer service areas. She is available to help members discuss and plan for the care you want to receive when faced with serious health problems, and to assist you with the completion of the Advance Care Planning (Living Will) document. She can also help you find resources to improve your quality of life (in-home care, podiatrist for home visits, Covid vac-cine assistance, etc).

In-person meetings are not necessary as this information can be discussed over the phone. If you need resource assistance please call the office at 734-508-6229

Library In Motion

Stop by and get your new library card. Then stay and take a look at the cart of books and movies you can check out.


Monday, December 19th @1:30pm
James Giordani & Sophie Poelker

Topic: Phone and Tablet 101 – Learn the
components of your phone or tablet and learn
how to use them.

It’s free but you must register at the office.


By Dr. Felhandler, DPM

Next Appointment: December 5th @1:45pm

Dr. Felhandler is a Foot Specialist and Surgeon. He will be on hand twice a month for MSHL members.

Dr. Felhandler specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of:
Thick Nails * Ingrown Toenails * Neuropathy
Corns & Callouses * Arthritis * Swelling *
Bunions * Hammer Toes * Conditions of the
Foot & Ankle

Blood Pressure Checks

Every Thursday from 10:30—11:30am

Come get your blood pressure checked by IHA’s paramedic. Glory Harris! Walk–ins are welcome

Technology Assistance

Third Monday of each Month
December 19th from 11:00—1:30pm

CEO of Clear Computing, James Giordani (MSHL Alternate Board Member) and his partner, Sophie Poelker, are here to assist you with your technology needs.

Call MSHL to reserve your spot.

• $20 for 30 mins (non-members $25)

• $40 for 1 HR (non-members $45)

• $10 for no shows.

• One person at a time.

• Pay at time of service with check or credit card.


Second Tuesday of each
Month @ 12:30pm
By: Huron Valley Pace

This group offers information, emotional and affirmational  support to help reduce the care-giver burden that one experiences as a care partner. Huron Valley Pace provides a safe space offering strategies and support for those traveling down similar paths. Free!

Looking for Services?

During Covid there has been a lot of move-ment in our Services Department. If you know anyone in these services PLEASE let us know:

Massage Therapy | Acupuncturist | Reflexologist