Wellness Center

There is a secret to remaining happy and independent while aging – social engagement. While you do not have control over your aging, you do have a say in how you live your life. MSHL is proud to empower healthy aging and enhance your quality of life through our Wellness Center. People who maintain an active and independent lifestyle gain benefits that boost their physical health, emotional well-being, and their ability to remain independent for longer.

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In-Person Programs


Tuesdays February 13, 20, March 5, 19, and April 2
Appointments at 10, 12, and 2pm

Once again AARP Tax Assistance is graciously volunteering their time and expertise to help you get your taxes in order. They are trained to do Federal and Michigan 1040 forms and amended returns. They are not able to do returns with trust funds, business or farm income with the exception of schedule CEZ.
They can also offer advice if you are doing your own return and have questions.

Call us at 734 508 6229 or visit our office.


Tuesday, February 6 @ 6:30 PM

Buy in: $20 per person

Pay-out is 50/50 of the purse

1st place, 60%

2nd place, 30%

3rd place, 10%

Call us at 734 508 6229 or visit our office.


February 14 @ 11:15 AM

Come dressed in red and pink!

Speed Friending starts at 11:15.

Make cards for the people you love.

Call us at 734 508 6229 or visit our office.


Tuesday, February 13 and 17 @ 1:30 PM

Hosted by Maxine Tewsley

February 13th: Break the Ice!

Participate in a series of get-to-know-you icebreakers. Learn more about Maxine, fellow members of MSHL, and maybe more about yourself!

February 27th: “Wait…Maxine has Epilepsy?”

Hear about Maxine’s epilepsy journey, epilepsy fast facts, and seizure first aid. Come with questions!

Call us at 734 508 6229 or visit our office.


Thursday, February 29

It’s Leap Year! 

To commemorate Leap Day 2024, spend the day at MSHL.
11:00 am: Leap Year Trivia: Test your knowledge
12:30: “Leap Year” Movie: Enjoy a rom-com with popcorn and drinks.

Consider a Donation!
Donate $0.29, $2.90, $29.00 or beyond to MSHL.

Call us at 734 508 6229 or visit our office.


February 20 @ 2:30 PM

Hosted by Games Giordani

How does someone get hacked? 

How do viruses really work? 

Let’s demystify these spooky tech concepts and learn some ways to stay safe online.

Call us at 734 508 6229 or visit our office.


February 12 @ 11 AM

Betty Chaffee, Pharm D

Depression affects many people. Sometimes it’s temporary, sometimes seasonal, sometimes chronic. But it’s often life-altering. If you have questions about depression and the medications that are used to treat it, Betty Chaffee, PharmD, will be here to answer your questions about the treatment of depression.

Call us at 734 508 6229 or visit our office.


February 12 @ 1PM

Hosted by Jewish Family Services

Six Secrets to Buildin g a Resilient Brain

We often associate resilience with our emotional well-being. But what does it mean to build a resilient brain? Join Dr. Eric Mintz, brain-based chiropractor and certified in neurofeedback, and discover how our brain’s neuroplas􀆟city can increase our resilience throughout life. Enhance your memory and improve your cognitive health naturally.

Call us at 734 508 6229 or visit our office.

Ongoing Programs


Wednesday, February 14 @12:30pm
Hosted by Pastor Matt West

Join our new pastor, Pastor Matt, from Marble Memorial United Methodist to carry on the tradition of spiritual guidance, and of course, pie! Come support Pastor Matt with pie and conversation.


Beginners Tuesday at 1 PM | Regulars Tuesdays @1:30pm

Hosted by MaryAnn Opal

Meditation can be particularly powerful for older adults because of its emotional and cognitive benefits. If you’re looking for a new form of self-care or a way to improve your mental health, meditation could be a great addition to your life. It can greatly improve your emotional, physical, and brain health. For seniors, mindfulness and meditation can play a significant role in your overall well-being. Treat yourself to something new this summer. Try meditation!

Quilting B's

Every Thursday at 10:00 am

Enjoy a morning of stitching and friendly
conversation with this group of Quilting B’s.
Bring your own project and work together
with other fellow stitchers.

No registration necessary.


Wednesday, November 8 @2:00
Hosted by Monroe County Library

Library in Motion is here every month with loads of books and movies. Stop by and get your new library card then take a look at the cart of all the books and movies you can check out.


Every Wednesday @11:00am
Hosted by Cindy Swope

Join in the conversation! Share your experiences, challenges and insights in this safe space for women only. Or keep it light and enjoy a laugh or two. You can steer the conversation in whatever direction the wind fills your sails. Newcomers are always welcome!


Every Tuesday from 9—11am
Hosted by Gary Bourdeau

This is one of our biggest groups yet! A casual place for men only. Come “shoot the breeze”, solve the world’s problems, or simply enjoy the comradery of this great group of men. Newcomers welcomed!

Fitness Pass - For Exercise Programs

Mix and match your favorite exercise classes marking off a
square for each class you attend. When your card is used up,
buy another. Each Fitness Pass is good for 20 classes.

What a bargain!


Mondays @10

Instructor: Nicole Wingenfeld

Enjoy a seated or standing aerobic workout! Lively music, exercise ball, drum sticks and bucket are needed. Kits are available to sign out on a first-come, first-served basis. This is a medium to faster paced aerobic exercise class. Hope to see you.


Tuesdays @10
Instructor: Beverly Robinson

Enjoy a seated workout with fun music to make exercising fun! SitFit targets upper and lower body strength while focusing in on range of motion, stretches and balances that make for a complete workout in just one hour.


Thursdays @10
Instructor: Beverly Robinson

This one-hour exercise class is designed to challenge the mature adult of any fitness level, maintain abilities to perform day-to-day activities through low-impact cardio, strength conditioning, and stretching movements, with balance exercises sprinkled throughout.

Chair Yoga

Beginners on Mondays & Wednesdays @ 1:15 pm

Regulars on Mondays & Wednesdays @ 2 pm
Instructor: Janae LeBar

Yoga targets muscle strength, softness, and flexibility. It can encourage the body, mind and spirit to remain healthy and strong.
What are some benefits of participating in yoga?

• Helps ease symptoms of arthritis
• Improves balance, strength, and flexibility
• Helps manage and relieve stress
• Boosts energy levels and brightens your mood
• Helps ease back pain
• Improves your heart health
• Relieves anxiety and depression
• Helps you maintain a healthy metabolism

Experience some of these benefits for yourself and sign up for the class today!

Fun & Food

Birthday Celebration

Thursday, November 9 @11:15am

Please join us to honor these individuals!

Shelly Bauer

Judy Falk

Carolyn Gotts

Joyce Hearn

Fran Howard

Mary Mehringer

Roger Olds

Joe Porter

Barb Susterka

Gordie Wartella

Thanks to a donation from Mullins Auto, all MSHL members whose birthday we celebrate this month will receive a complimentary lunch.

If you are a member whose birthdate is in August and your name is not listed, please call the office

Eat Well! Live Healthy!

At MSHL, we are passionate about providing
tools and resources to empower healthy aging.

Reserve your meal 48 hrs. in advance by calling 734-508-6229 

Menus available at the office or on our nutrition page.


Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
@11:45 Cost is $3

Come enjoy a hot, nutritious meal in the community of others! AND Jodi, our Senior Nutrition Program Coordinator, is known for baking up something yummy for almost every meal!

Meals on Wheels

Monday thru Friday

Meals on Wheels is specially designed for those who are homebound or whereby shopping and preparing meals takes a considerable and taxing effort. Registration is simple— call MSHL to see if you qualify. Meal delivery can often begin within 48 hrs.

Call MSHL to reserve your meal


Support Services


By MSHL Monday—Friday, 7:30am – 3pm

For those 60+, living in the 48160 zip code.
We can take you up to 20 miles outside of Milan.
Visit our website for additional information or
call us for a brochure.

Resource Advocacy

By Diane London By Appointment

Diane is a retired RN with over 40 years of experience in the healthcare field. She brings her passion for helping people by sharing her resource advocacy skills. For resource assistance, please call the office at 734-508-6229.


Did you know we often have medical devices and equipment to loan out or give away? We also have a large supply of incontinent products that are free to anyone who might need them. Call or stop by the office and we will be glad to share whatever we have in stock.


Mondays from 9:30—noon
Hosted by Dr. Linda Moaucheupao,
Licensed Acupuncturist

Experience this community-style treatment as Linda treats a wide range of health concerns from migraines, arthritis, anxiety, depression, insomnia, digestive problems, respiratory issues to allergies, and much more. Linda has been quite successful in reducing pain with many of our regulars. She can even prescribe Chinese herbs as a compliment to


By Appointment with MaryAnn Opal

As a trained facilitator MaryAnn will guide par-ticipants outfitted with patented devices, that alter their senses, while they try to complete everyday tasks. The tour enables caregivers to experience for themselves the physical and mental challenges those with dementia face.



Next Dates: December 18
By Dr. Felhandler, DPM

Dr. Felhandler is a Foot Specialist and Surgeon. He will be on hand monthly for MSHL members.

Dr. Felhandler specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of thick nails, ingrown toenails, neuropathy, corns and calluses, arthritis, swelling, bunions, hammer toes, and other conditions of the foot and ankle.

Call MSHL office to register for an appointment.
*Rates are based on your medical insurance 

Blood Pressure Checks

Every Thursday from 10:30—11:30am

Come get your blood pressure checked by HVAs paramedic, Glory Harris! Walkins are welcome (As an EMT, Glory is occasionally called away for emergencies, but she will make every
attempt to come.)


Second Tuesday of each
Month @ 12:30pm
By: Huron Valley Pace

This group offers information, emotional and affirmational  support to help reduce the care-giver burden that one experiences as a care partner. Huron Valley Pace provides a safe space offering strategies and support for those traveling down similar paths. Free!


By Appointment with Diane London, RN

The Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) is designed as a preliminary screening tool for mild cognitive dysfunction. These results can be taken to your doctor for further consultation.

Make your appointment at the office.

Looking for Services?

During Covid there has been a lot of move-ment in our Services Department. If you know anyone in these services PLEASE let us know:

Massage Therapy | Acupuncturist | Reflexologist