Policies & Procedures

Credit Card Policies Procedures
Media Relations
Transportation Users Guide2017-01
Title VI.D. Nondiscrimination Policy2013-02-20
Title VI.C. ADA Complaint Policy2015-03-20
Title VI.B LEP Plan
Title VI.A Plan2015-06-10
Program Evaluation Policy2015-09-13; 2013-02-20
Member Participation & Registration Policy2015-10-14; 2013-01-01
Financial Investment Policy2015-05-20
Employee Manual2015-01-14
Document Retention & Destruction Policy2015-08-12; 2013-07-17
Conflict Of Interest Policy2016-02-18; 2013-06-18
Vehicle Maintenance Plan Policy
Complaint Resolution2015-04-15
Exercise Room Usage Policy2016-05-11; 2014-09-10
By-Laws2014-05-14; 2011-08-07
By-Laws Amendments
Technology Center User Policy2015-11-18; 2013-02-20
Building Emergency Preparedness Plan
Board of Directors' Recruitment, Retention, and Training Policy
2016-04-20; 2011-02-09
Agency & Participant Rights and Responsibilities2016-03-11; 2014-06-11; 2013-03